Partnership with WorkWell Prevention & Care Services

We have teamed up with Workwell Prevention & Care to provide a variety of services to our local manufacturing/industrial community.  

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-work Screening (PWS) is designed to determine a job applicant's ability to safely perform the functional requirements of a specific job.  Based on validated, functional job descriptions to ensure job relatedness, PWS enables an employer and potential employees to identify potential mismatches between physical job requirements and physical capabilities of a prospective worker (or fitness for duty when considering return to work testing).

Compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prework screens are based on a workers capability to perform specific job functions.  It allows the employer to make hiring an return to work decisions in a legal, air and non-discriminatory way.

We do offer drug testing at our facility at employers request as part of the screening process.

Onsite - Office & Manufacturing Ergonomics Programs

Onsite - Functional Job Analysis

Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is a comprehensive, structured process of identifying and evaluating the physical and functional aspects of work.  Job analysis is the basis for matching workers abilities to job requirements in areas such as injury prevention, early intervention, ergonomics, gap analysis/rehabilitation goal setting, return to work decision making, and vacational training/placement.

The WorkWell functional job analysis performed by our company objectively quantifies, measures and describes the physical/functional components of the job, including the required tasks, movements, forces and postures to help develop and validate a resultant Functional Job Descritpion report.

Onsite - Prevention/Treatment Clinic Programs

Can't afford to have employees coming to our clinic?  Let us come to you!

We offer on-site prevention and treatment physical therapy options.  If you can provide the space, we can provide the therapists.  This option increases affordability so that you can have your workers seek treatment during their workday with appropriate scheduling.  Our clinicians have several years of experience offering on-site services that have a proven return on investment for the employer by reducing recordable injuries as well as cutting down on the number/total cost of your worker's compensation claims.